Luis Enrique Carrion, AMC.

Mexican cinematographer, globetrotter for 12 years. Working in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, India, USA, Mexico, Mauritius, Dominican Republic, and others. Nomad and adventurer, always in the search for new experiences and  new stories to tell.  Meeting new people and artists to share the magic of life. His work has been published in various articles  including  two times by Cameraman Magazine, one of the most prestigious cinema magazine in Europe. 

"I believe that working in different cultures, mixing different points of views, we can achieve a unique universal language in life, it´s all about knowing ourselves better to understand how to empower emotions." - LE


Film Awards

Winner: Best Cinematography, The Cosmonaut. Richmond Film Festival. 2013

Winner: Outstanding Achievement Award, The Cosmonaut. LA Film Fest. 2013

Winner: Best Cinematography, The Cosmonaut. Baja California Film Fest. 2013